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Develop a stable, energetic, and thriving organization.


An interest of business leaders to work together to address common challenges, learn from one another, conduct commerce among one another, and collaborate for community and economic betterment. Leaders develop a long-term strategic direction that benefits the business community and the community-at-large and enhances the desirability of a common place. This creates the Chamber, which engages leaders, develops future leaders, and provides a conduit to achieve shared goals.

Every vibrant economy has a successful business community and an effective Chamber. The Chamber depends on volunteer leaders, investments, professional employees, and member engagement to successfully deliver on its mission and strategic plan.

Develop a stable, energetic, and thriving organization.

Barriers: Lack of awareness of what the Chamber offers, meeting the needs of a diverse membership, limited financial and staffing resources, limited time for members to engage, communicating the ROI of Chamber investment and impact, and varying perceptions and expectations of the Chamber.

Objective A: A culture of engagement

Strategy 1: Develop strategic leadership.

Strategy 2: Lead by example.

Objective B:  Operational health and excellence.

Success Metrics: Employee feedback and tenure, monthly and annual net financial results, # of months in reserves, financial metrics.

Strategy 1: Invest in staff development.

Strategy 2: Demonstrate financial stability.

Objective C:  Value of Chamber investment.

Success Metrics: Membership retention, new members, membership feedback, Net Promoter Score.

Strategy 1: Communicate the value of membership.

Strategy 2: Increase membership engagement.

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