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Strategic Plan


Be the voice for all Kerr County businesses.

Objective A: Premier business advocate for Kerr County.

  • Strategy 1: Champion business interests.
  • Strategy 2: Communicate business needs to policymakers.

Objective B: Business hub for information, connections, education, and resources.

  • Strategy 1: Create conduit for information.
  • Strategy 2: Provide essential networking resources.


Engage business for community growth.

Objective A: Build a sustainable workforce.

  • Strategy 1: Identify employers’ workforce needs.
  • Strategy 2: Integrate business with local schools.
  • Strategy 3: Advocate for workforce solutions.

Objective B: Collaborations between business and community.

  • Strategy 1: Foster dynamic experiences and community connections.
  • Strategy 2: Serve as a trusted community partner.

Objective C: Continuous pipeline of diverse community leadership.

  • Strategy 1: Highlight leadership opportunities.
  • Strategy 2: Engage and empower emerging leaders.


Develop a stable, energetic, and thriving organization.

Objective A: A culture of engagement.

  • Strategy 1: Develop strategic leadership.
  • Strategy 2: Lead by example.

Objective B: Operational health and excellence.

  • Strategy 1: Invest in staff development.
  • Strategy 2: Demonstrate financial stability.

Objective C: Value of Chamber investment.

  • Strategy 1: Communicate the value of membership.
  • Strategy 2: Increase membership engagement.
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