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To be the voice for all Kerr County businesses.


A vibrant economy is created by thriving businesses that offer goods and services of value. Businesses create and sustain jobs for residents. Residents and visitors dine, shop, and use services offered by local businesses. This creates Commerce, which is essential to sustainable economic growth.

Although Kerrville has large employers, most of its economy is driven by small businesses. Businesses of all sizes thrive when government policies encourage new business formation, relocation to Kerrville, expansion, and provide competitive operating conditions to create and sustain jobs in the area.

Business leaders need the opportunity to convene to discuss challenges and share best practices, develop a collective voice to share their concerns with elected officials, and access resources to help them to be successful in achieving their initiatives.

Be the voice for all Kerr County businesses

Barriers: Growth challenges, lack of access to information for business leaders, government policies and mandates, economic conditions, post pandemic recovery of businesses. 

Objective A:  Premier business advocate for Kerr County.

Success Metrics: Attendance of policymakers at Chamber-hosted events, attendance at advocacy events, member and stakeholder feedback, outcomes on policy initiatives.

Strategy 1: Champion business interests.

Strategy 2: Communicate business needs to policymakers.

Objective B:  Business hub for information, connections, education, and resources.

Success Metrics: Web traffic and access to advocacy info on Chamber websites, attendance at advocacy events, member and stakeholder feedback, outcomes on bond initiatives.

Strategy 1: Create conduit for information.

Strategy 2: Provide essential networking resources.

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