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Engage business for community growth.


A desirable place that attracts residents who want to live and work and play in the same area. Residents want access to diverse and affordable housing options, educational and career opportunities, amenities, and greenspace. Residents create businesses where they live and play. Enterprises relocate or open branches in desirable places with skilled and available talent. This combination of quality of life and sense of plan creates Community, which develops a unique brand and destination for people.

Kerrville as a community has a historical heritage, natural and manmade assets, and access to neighboring big cities while offering the charm of a small town. The challenge is to maintain a balance of growth and quality of life. This requires forethought to understand challenges, provide developmental and economic opportunities for residents, and develop partnerships to achieve mutual community betterment goals.

Engage business for community growth.

Barriers: Lack of available skilled workforce and employment growth opportunities, mobility and transportation, lack of available and diverse and affordable housing options, and competing organizational interests.

Objective A: Build a sustainable workforce.

Success Metrics: Job growth, internships, employer feedback.

Strategy 1: Identify employers’ workforce needs.

Strategy 2: Integrate business with local schools.

Strategy 3: Advocate for workforce solutions.

Objective B: Collaborations between business and community.

Success Metrics: Partnerships, attendance at community events, feedback from community partners and other stakeholders.

Strategy 1: Foster dynamic experiences and community connections.

Strategy 2: Serve as a trusted community partner.

Objective C: Continuous pipeline of diverse community leadership.

Success Metrics: Leadership Program enrollment, open community leadership positions, engagement in Chamber committees, feedback from program participants.

Strategy 1: Highlight leadership opportunities.

Strategy 2: Engage and empower emerging leaders.

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